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walk through hell // say anything

and they hunt you
and they gut you
and you give in

this song means the fucking world to me holy shit I haven’t heard it in years

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One of my absolute favourite versions of this song, I just wish it was longer…

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“Heathers was a revolutionary experience because it didn’t follow the narrow confines the ratings system had imposed on teen narratives in the name of morality. It was real and raw, even in its candy-colored satiric absurdity. Heathers was a scathing response to the “very special” issue episodes of the ’80s. All of the same teen laments were present — eating disorders, date rape, bullying, gossip, suicide, drinking, cliques — but without the melodrama that demanded that teenage darkness be matched with an obvious moral message”
me: "*on my phone* "
grandma: "do you ever put that thing down? "
me: "*puts phone down* "
me: "why did you ruin the economy?"

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